Bespoke Poron Insoles

Quality Poron Insoles sizes 1 to 13

Poron Insoles (Grey)

Poron material is a micro porous polyurethane foam, which is able to give effective cushioning to the foot whilst walking or running, Providing long lasting comfort inside your footwear.

More shock absorption in the insole means less shock to the feet and joints. Poron insoles are proven to achieve more shock absorption than vinyl sponge, neoprene sponge, sponge rubber, latex foam and solid visco elastic in side by side drop weight tests.

Poron has a breathable open cell structure, giving the material the ability to absorb a measure of the moisture vapours which are generated by the active foot.

Poron 94 Insoles (Pink)

Poron 94 (Pink) sets a new level of advanced underfoot comfort technology. This new material is a softer, lighter Poron with slower rebound properties, which allows for a more even distribution of body weight over the foot’s plantar surface and offers fuller richer cushioning.

Poron 94 is of particular importance in specialist shoes for Diabetics, where it offers more protection against pressure points.

C & S Footwear Adaptions Ltd offer both Poron (grey) and Poron 94 (pink) insoles with a perforated leather top cover for more durability in all sizes.