Heel lifts and Elevators

Custom Made Heel Lifts, Elevators & Shoe Lifts

These quality lifts and elevators are manufactured from EVA and covered with perforated leather to your required shoe size and to the thickness required.

Heel Lifts, Heel Elevators and Shoe Lifts are a wedge - shaped shoe insert, which fits in the heel portion of a shoe, with the purpose of adding elevation under one or both feet for therapeutic purposes.

Heel Lifts, Heel Elevators and Shoe Lifts are commonly used as therapy for leg - length differences leading to knee, hip and back pain, to reduce the stress on the Achilles Tendon during the healing process and for various rehabilitation uses.

The intent of a Heel Lifts, Heel Elevators and Shoe Lifts is not to absorb shock or spread pressure on the heel, but to raise one foot in order to add a constant amount of height without causing the heel to rub vertically in the shoe.

These are supplied in wide range of thickness are £12.00 each and are available in our online shop:

Please Note:

These items are intended for use as a renewal of existing correction and therefore the responsibility of fitting and using this product falls upon the user.

The associated risk of mis-fitting and or misuse, also falls upon the user. We cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred with use of this product.

Please ensure that you have enough room inside your footwear to accommodate your foot and the extra depth of the heel elavator before ordering.

These items are tailored made to each specific requirement and are non returnable.