Shoe Raises and Build-ups

Bespoke Personal Shoe Adaption Services

Shoe raises, also commonly known as Build Ups, are used to balance out a patient with leg length discrepancies.

Please ask your Orthotist or Podiatrist for your raise measurements before ordering.

If you wish to take your own raise measurements, please see the above diagram and Raise Chart below. Your measurements are taken from 3 points of the foot Centre Heel, Ball of Foot, and Toe end.

For additional comfort to your adapted footwear why not insert a pair of top quality Poron Insoles.

Online Ordering Please Note:

When ordering online if you cannot see your required raise measurements from the 'Raise Options', please select 'Custom Requirements Below' and enter your exact measurements (centre heel, ball and toe end) into the additional information box.

Should you require over 2 inches (50mm) at centre heel, please phone 01246 268222 for a quote.

Please only send the left or the right shoe (whichever needs to be raised) unless you are ordering a pair of Poron Insoles to be fitted into your shoes.

Shoe Raise Measurements Information Chart
Regular Size Indications

Heel Centre
Ball of Foot
Toe End
12 12 6
20 12 6
25 12 6
30 20 12
36 22 12
44 25 20
50 30 20